FP-NC Sensor

The NC Sensor uses SEMITEC’s ultra-small FT thermistors as temperature sensing elements to create an IR sensor that can be used in many different locations and formerly impossible environments. SEMITEC’S NC sensor is fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.


Office automation fuser roler applications such as LBP, PPC etc.

Rotating parts in automotive applications.

Rotating motor parts

Temperature measurement in high pressure environments

Temperature measurement of drugs and chemicals

Part Number


Circuit Example


Parameters Value Conditions
Measurement center 180℃±3℃ Blackbody temp.: 180℃; sensor body temp.: 100℃
Roller diameter: 40 mm; distance: 5 mm
Responsivity 1.3s±0.5s Time required to reach 63.2% of temperature difference between blackbody and sensor body.
Operating temp. range -10℃〜-150℃
Measuring temp. range -20℃〜260℃
Thermistor resistance value 7kΩ±3% Rated zero-power resistance at 180℃
Thermistor B-value 3370K±1% B-value determined by rated zero-power resistance at 25℃ and 85℃