AP Thermistor (ultra-high accuracy type)

The AP series thermistor features an even higher accuracy than our high accuracy AT thermistors, and is suitable for various applications. – Ultra high accuracy with tight R25 and B25/85 tolerances (±0.5%) – High accuracy over a wide temperature range: 0.5% resistance tolerance from – 60℃ to + 70℃ SEMITEC’S AP thermistors are fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.


Mobile devices, battery packs, fan motors,automotive, office automation, home electronics, security, thermometers. measuring instruments , etc.

Part Number



Part No. R251 R25Tolerance B-value2 Dissipation factor
Thermal time constant s3 Rated power
mW at 25℃
Operating Temperature range
202AP-2 2.00kΩ ±0.5% 3976K±0.5% approx. 1.2 approx. 15 6 −60〜150
232AP-2 2.252kΩ 3976K±0.5%
502AP-2 5.00kΩ 3976K±0.5%
103AP-2 10.00kΩ 3435K±0.5%
103AP-2-A 3976K±0.5%
203AP-2 20.0kΩ 3976K±0.5%
503AP-2 50.0kΩ 4220K±0.5%
104AP-2 100kΩ 4261K±0.5%
204AP-2 200kΩ 4470K±0.5%

1. Rated zero-power resistance at 25℃

2. B-value determined by rated zero-power resistance at 25℃ and 85℃

3. Time required to reach 63.2% of temperature difference. Measured in still air.