AT Thermistor (high accuracy type)

The AT series thermistor features high accuracy with tight resistance and B-value tolerances (±1%). – Uniform shape facilitates automated assembly – Long term reliability SEMITEC’S AT thermistors are fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.


Office automation. measuring instruments, controllers, mobile devices, battery packs, fan motors, home electronics, HVAC equipment, solar systems, security, thermometers, automotive, vending machines, refrigerated display cases, agricultural equipment.

Part Number



Part No. R251 R25Tolerance B-value2 Dissipation factor
Thermal time constant3 Rated power
mW at 25℃
Operating Temperature range
102AT-11 1.00kΩ ±1% 3100K±1% approx. 2.6 approx. 75 13 −50〜+90
202AT-11 2.00kΩ 3182K±1%
502AT-11 5.00kΩ 3324K±1% −50〜+105
103AT-11 10.0kΩ 3435K±1%
203AT-11 20.0kΩ 4013K±1%
102AT-2 1.00kΩ 3100K±1% approx. 2 approx. 15 10 −50〜+90
202AT-2 2.00kΩ 3182K±1%
502AT-2 5.00kΩ 3324K±1% −50〜+110
103AT-2,3 10.0kΩ 3435K±1%
203AT-2 20.0kΩ 4013K±1%
103AT-4 10.0kΩ 3435K±1% approx. 10 −50〜+90
103AT-5 10.0kΩ 3435K±1% approx. 2.5 approx. 15 12.5 −50〜+110

1. Rated zero-power resistance value at 25℃

2. B-value determined by rated zero-power resistance at 25℃ and 85℃

3. Time required to reach 63.2% of temperature difference. Measured in still air.